The ME Series
The ME Series

The ME Series

Carla DePriest

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The ME Series by Carla DePriest

We are bombarded every day by the world’s marketing ploys that tell us “it’s all about me!” 

What’s a Christian to do?  Let’s go to the Word of God…

  • Lesson 1, “Who’s the Boss of Me?”  addresses the way to align ourselves under the umbrella of Biblical authorities in our lives.  
  • Lesson 2, “It’s Not about Me” calls us to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Him.  
  • Lesson 3, “Sometimes It IS About Me" teaches us to love and care for our temples (heart, soul, strength and mind).
  • Lesson 4, “I Need You, You Need Me” delves into the human experience of aloneness and friendship. 

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